5 Uses of Vacuum Sealers That Most People Are Not Aware Of

Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum sealers have become very popular among consumers. It is not hard to see why. Did you know that over 50% of all consumers do not get the full value out of their vacuum sealers? Here are 5 uses of vacuum sealers that 50% of all consumers do not even consider and should.

1) They can be used for food storage. Some people may have already thought of this, but do not realize the full potential of this option. You can put anything from peas and corn to kale and baked goods into these sealers. Store them in the freezer until you are ready to use them. This keeps them fresh. It also reduces the blockage that traditional packing sleeves tend to cause. Your baked goods and frozen vegetables will not end up in big clumps. Take them out, thaw them out, heat them up and get ready to serve.

2) You can use them to re-seal condiments like vinegar and wine. You can re-seal oil too. Wine of any kind ends up losing part of their shelf life once the seal is broken. The same thing happens to the flavor. This does not work out well for those who make their own wine. All you do is pour the wine or oil into the vacuum sealant. Put the packs into the freezer. This keeps them safe and secure. The shelf life will remain in tack. The flavor will too.

Say you sit down to a bottle of wine for one evening. Say you do not finish the bottle.

What can you do? Vacuum Sealer Land has a handy tip: Fill the 3-pack vacuum sealants with the leftover wine. You can enjoy the rest at another time and place.

3) They can be used to help preserve your cutlery and other silver. This will cut down on the polishing you may have to do later. These vacuum sealers will reduce the corrosion. Wrap the cutlery you are not using into safe cloth. Take the cloth and put them inside the vacuum sealants. You can also use “oxygen absorbers” for extra protection. Use extra cloth for the knives. They do tend to rip apart anything the come in contact with.

4) They can be used for crackers and chips. Have you ever noticed how come chips and crackers tend to lose their initial flavor after they have been opened up? Sometimes using a clip is not enough to secure the flavor and shelf life. Put the opened bag into one of these sealants. This will keep the contents from spilling out. Store them somewhere and eat them whenever you like.

5) You can use them in the event of “emergency preparedness”. Most of us have band-aids and other emergency aids for emergency purposes. Put them in one of these vacuum bags. You will contain and expand the shelf life for these items too. These sealants help to keep the adhesives the way they were when you first bought them.