8 Easy Ways to Drink More Water

Drink More Water

Order Something Spicy for Dinner
Not only are spicy foods good for your metabolism but they can have you reaching for a glass of water to cool down! Spicy foods, ginger or black pepper with a meal can temporarily increase metabolism by 8 percent and in turn raise your body temperature. Cooling down with more water over the course of your meal will benefit your body and be sure to calm your taste buds!

Phone Alerts
Use text alerts on your phone to literally remind you to guzzle your water throughout the day. Need a specific hydration app to keep tabs on you? Try Water For Your Body or Waterlogged. Sometimes it’s the simple things that can make a huge difference!

Add Flavor
Most peoples excuse for not drinking enough water is that they don’t like the taste. Water can be pretty boring. Why not spruce it up with some flavoring, anything from naturals like lemon, cucumber or strawberries to powder additives you can get from the store. Most of these flavorings can add a boost of vitamins to your already hydrating water! Fill a bunch of these water bottles up with a variety of flavors to replace those soft drinks in your fridge.

Have it on Hand
Sometimes we forget to drink enough water simply because we’ve forgotten! Having water close to you at all times will be an easy and constant reminder to drink up. Include a bottle of water at your desk at work, in your car, in your gym bag and one for the mornings and nights by your bed stand.

Work Out
Speaking of gym bag, are you working out enough? It goes to show that people to get more exercise drink more water. By breaking a sweat, your body loses water therefore sending your body a signal to replenish, and fast! If your goal is to start naturally craving water, your best bet is to hit the gym. There’s no better feeling than drinking some big gulps of water after putting your body to the test. Consider getting a treadmill if you prefer to work out from home. You can read Sarah Palin’s treadmill reviews here, to get an idea of the best treadmills.

Making water apart of your everyday routine can be the easiest and subtly rewarding way to drink more water. A glass when you wake up in the morning, before every meal, between drinks out at the bar and before bed. You’ll be able to feel the difference in your body within one day!

Consume Liquids in Foods
Water doesn’t have to be all liquid. Luckily the art of cuisine allows us to eat our water in some creatively delicious ways such as soups, melons, cucumbers and even celery!

Your Wallet Will Thank You
If all of the above still seems quite daunting, your motivator is the money! By switching to water you can be assured that your bank account will thank you. All those coffees and sodas here and there can really add up. Most water is free at restaurants and access to drinking fountains are plentiful. So fill up your water bottles and hydrate! Your body and your wallet will both benefit.

You will begin to see the impact of your day to day choices in your finances, health, energy and overall wellbeing by choosing to drink more water.