The Abductions that shook the World

The Slow Death of Humanity

An abduction in broad daylight is shocking enough, but the audacity with which the Boko Haram militant group stormed a girls school in Chibok, Nigeria and abducted 276 girls at gunpoint, took inhumanity to the worst levels. And it isn’t just the African Media that has been covering the incident in detail; this mass-kidnapping in a school in broad daylight has sent shivers down the spines of people from all over the world. Incidentally, this was when an examination was being conducted and hence the school was packed with students unlike any other day.

What the attack signifies…

The fact that these dastardly militants had the guts and might to enter such a busy market town like Chibok, has spoken volumes about the deadly level up to which Islamic Fundamentalism has crept up, unguarded. Till this attack, it was only the interior villages of the country that were targeted. But with this school attack, the fundamentalists have spelt it loud and clear that they have the audacity to pull off any feat, under the nose of a weak government, inefficient administration and rampant poverty which lessens the chances of having any staunch security measures in place.

The results go beyond devastating…

Probably in a better-off country, such kind of an attack would have been a one-time incident. The establishment would have reinforced better security and the perpetrators of terror would have been intensively tracked and hunted down. But for a country so populous and with such high levels of poverty as Nigeria, this has only spelled further doom. Parents no longer want to send their children to school. As soon as the boys reach teenage, they set out in search of a better life outside the country and girls are married off immediately. Local businesses have taken a massive toll because of the never-ending curfews. Those who choose not to leave their homes, spend night after night in silence, questioning the very cruel curse of fate that has turned their once-content lives into one of unbound tragedy.

Nigeria just confirmed release of 21 schoolgirls abducted.