Dastardly Impacts of the Syrian Civil War

Infectious Diseases adding to the Death Toll

If you thought that death and exodus were the only major impacts of the Syrian Civil War, there’s news for you. Yes it’s true that these are the most visible or prominent issues highlighted by the international media, but there’s so much more to the Syrian Civil War that one’s very faith in humanity starts to subside. As the country is divided into four different warring factions (namely the Assad Government Supporters, the Rebels, the ISIS and the Rojava), basic public hygiene and amenities like clean drinking water, breathable air, electric supply, healthcare etc have gone for a complete toss, and this has caused the rapid spread of various infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, hepatitis, typhoid, whooping cough and so on. And of course, given their sensitivity levels, children happen to be the most affected.

Rampant Crimes

It is common human tendency to brand refugees as ‘the others’. But just imagine for a moment that your ‘well-settled life’ with a cozy home, great career, hard-earned wealth and loving family in a city that has been your lifeline, goes for a toss with the onslaught of military forces or infiltrators. They cut off electricity, water supply and impose curfews. Schools are shut, and shops and homes are vandalized. Basic human requirements and life comes to a standstill as streets are filled with rioters and criminals engaging in robberies, extortion, kidnapping, rape, murder and so on. In such an event, your own city has transformed into a living nightmare, and you have no choice but to take whatever little belongings possible and run for your life. Remember, the Syrian refugees are mostly well-off people who were living extremely normal and comfortable lives like us. They have become refugees because the only other choice was living in unlivable conditions or death!

Gross Violation of Human Rights

It doesn’t just stop at random bombings, killings, destruction of cities, towns and disruption of any semblance of a normal life. There has been systematic persecution and extermination of religious and sectarian minorities, which has led to gross violation of human rights. So far, the prime targets have been Syrian Christians, Shias, Yazidis and the Kurds. Unless the UN intervenes with solid measures, this crisis is only likely to get worse with time.