Dealing With Theft in Your Business

Theft in Your Business

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In the Commercial Sector, there is always the ominous threat of theft that can strike your business at any time. Obviously the likelihood of being robbed can vary depending on the industry you’re in, for example it is known that burglars target places like jewellery shops more frequently than say a supermarket. Whether it be a blatant break-in, or a sly pinch of one or two products, it can happen. Off the bat, the most you can do is install sufficient security measures, such as CCTV, metal shutters, and alarm systems.

Sometimes even your own staff members can be the culprits, and as much as it sounds like a scare tactic that will lower the trust you have in your staff, it is unfortunately something you will have to be on the lookout for. Whether it be stealing one or two products, or money from a till, it is still an extreme offence, especially when you consider that they’re stealing from their own employer. To be prepared for such situations, you should develop a disciplinary procedure that follows a few stages towards discouraging staff members from behaving inappropriately.

The authority that these procedures imply is second to none, and provided that your employees are made very aware of the consequences involved, they should know better – it’s down to them, from there on. Some local shops based in small communities have been known to speak with the local police community support officers to gain an understanding of what to look for in the area, bringing peace of mind to customers and business owner alike. It’s also imperative that you take out Liability Insurance, and business insurance from a reputable broker such as One Sure Insurance (

One interesting tactic that has been implied by a number of businesses across the UK to deter criminals to steal from them has been a re-do of their shop’s interior – a move round of shelves and units can make things a lot harder to carry out from the viewpoint of a thief. Understandably there’s only a certain amount you can do dependent on furniture such as desks and access points i.e. doors and windows, but it’s a simple solution to help your business further.

Remember that if you suspect that one of your employees is stealing from you, it is best to have hard evidence before accusing anyone or confronting them about it, as false accusation of your own staff could lead to a lot of trust issues and possible problems employing new staff in the future. Other than that, so long as you carry out as many steps as you can, to protect your business against theft, and you should have peace of mind that you have done all you can do in realistic terms.