A Flashback at the Origin of Israel

All Hell Breaks loose on Jews during the Second World War

The Second World War spelled devastation for millions of troops as well as civilians. The first world nations as well as their colonized states were involved in the war, and probably no country was exempt to the bloody haze. But undoubtedly, the community that suffered the most on account of this war was the Jewish community. In fact, their persecution by the Nazis headed by Hitler, had begun a couple of years prior to the commencing of the war. Hitler’s Germany as well as her Allies like Italy, Hungary and Romania participated in the collective extermination of their respective Jewish citizens, and their death toll went up to a horrific six million. An equal number had to flee their homes and hard-earned wealth in these countries, and take refuge in America.

Call for one’s own country

Given this massive anti-Semitic propaganda across most of Europe, the traumatized Jewish community across the world began to mobilize voices to establish their own state. This would be a place where they could freely reside without the fear of being persecuted for their religion. And since Jerusalem is the Holy Site where Judaism was founded, they rallied for returning back to their ancestral land, and was under the occupation of Palestine as a British colony. As more and more Jews from across the world started moving into Palestine and especially around Jerusalem, there was a high level of Muslim resentment. The British decided to de-colonize Palestine and create an independent state of Israel prior to leaving. Now, not only was this decision resented by the Palestinian Muslims, but was also strongly opposed by Arab States like Jordan, Iraq, Syria and Egypt.

Sowing the seeds of a bloody conflict

Despite all the protests, Israel was formed but till date, Palestine and the Arab States have refused to give it any credence of legitimacy as a sovereign state. War-cries and bombings are common in this area. The sad matter is that while the Jews found their state and even expanded it after the 1948 war to almost 77% of the area of erstwhile Palestine, close to 600,000 Palestinians have been rendered homeless in their own state.