The Ongoing Nightmare of Boko Haram

Brutality at its worse

The clutches of fundamentalism have gripped Africa the hardest, in the form of Boko Haram. Not only have they unleashed massive terror in Nigeria (which happens to be the country with the highest population in the African continent), but have openly challenged the democratically elected Nigerian government with their unbridled violence and humungous terror. In fact, the Boko Haram has such a terrible record of inhumanity that even the ISIS whom they owed alliance to in the beginning of their bloody trail, has officially disassociated themselves with it. Imagine the travesty of religious misinterpretation that these horrendous chaps have come up with. The fact that the biggest terrorist organization of the world decided not to support you. In fact something similar had also happened with the ISIS, when Al Qaida had disowned them outright!

Targeting women and children

Burning houses and bombing of civilians is not a very uncommon feat for terror-infusing demons. But the biggest terror weapon that the Boko Haram has been consistently using to its benefit, is the abduction and killing of children, and school girls in particular. So far, hundreds of school girls have been kidnapped by them, sexually assaulted and even forced to marry the Boko Haram Fighters. Some of the girls who were released or managed to escape, shuddered at the thought of recounting their horrid experiences with this radical group. Owing to their constant terrorization tactics, a number of parents (especially in the Northern Part of Nigeria which is most affected) have stopped sending their children to school, for concerns over their safety.

Voicing Medieval Objectives

The coarse and medieval objectives of Boko Haram, have not just been declared by them, but are simply evident by the very name of the organization. ‘Boko’ refers to books and ‘Haram’ refers to ‘sin or forbidden’. In short, this terrorist organization is against Western Education, and taking it several notches further, is against any form of Western Influence be it in the form of clothing or entertainment or education. Their aim is to establish a medieval Islamic Caliphate across Nigeria,