Palestinian Liberation Organization: Past, Present and Future

A Glimpse of the Past

The foundation stone of the PLO (short for the Palestinian Liberation Organization) was laid way back in 1964, but for the next 27 years, it was accorded the status of a terrorist organization, by both the United States and Israel. Even for the United Nations to sanctify the PLO as a mere observer in its proceedings, happened all the way ahead in 1974. Despite all the rifts between the government of Israel and the Palestinian Liberation Organization, there was some respite in 1993 when the UN Security Council interfered. What transpired thereafter was that both entities gave each other recognition, which implies that they recognized them to be representing the voices of the Palestinians and subsequently, the PLO also agreed to allow Israel to exist in peace.

Present Status

The fact that an erstwhile organization that was branded as terrorist, has been accorded as the legitimate representative of the voices of the people, goes on to show how one-sided even a globally hailed and universally acclaimed boy like the United Nations can be. After the death of radical leader Yasser Arafat, the reigns of the PLO went into more liberal hands. Today, not only does the secular and liberal political organization known as the Palestinian National Authority control the PLO, but is also the sole governing authority and representative of the Palestinians. While West Bank is controlled by the PLO and they are ready for peaceful talks with the Jews, the reigns of the highly crucial Gaza lies in the hands of the Hamas extremist group. Hamas on the contrary resorts to terror and violence in order to tackle all their territorial and religious disputes with Israel.

What Lies Ahead

Nobody can exactly predict what lies ahead when a multi-faceted conflict is yet to be amicably resolved by two warring religious communities over the past 70 years. It was unfortunate that there was dreadful Nazi Persecution of the Jews before and during the Second World War. But how justified is returning back to your homeland, at the cost of rendering so many residents of another faith as homeless and refuges in their own land?