Role of US in the Israel-Palestinian Conflict

As discussed in one of our previous posts, the very cause of formation of the Jewish State of Israel was on account of worldwide sympathy for Jews post the Holocaust, international support and lobbying by a number of countries. But what is not explicitly mentioned here is that it was massive funding from the US, on account of which Israel is a stable and militarily strong state, growing in area and retaliating heavily to Palestinian Attacks, ever since its formation in1946. So one of the fundamental reasons for the very existence of Israel today, is the United States itself. But why has the latter pumped in so much foreign aid into a Jewish state in the Middle East, and why has it been a staunch supporter of it since more than 7 decades, considering that there was never any direct relation to begin with, in the first place? We’ll be attempting to answer some of these questions here.

Going on and off…

It is not possible to pin-point one or two specific and consistent reasons for this level of friendship and solidarity between both countries. It might even surprise you to know that this relation has not always been hunky dory, and there have been definitive rifts in the past as well. For instance during the 1956 war over the control of the Suez Canal, the Eisenhower-led US Government in fact went out of its way to disregard Israel and its unnecessary interference in the issue, particularly because the conflict was between the UK and France on one side and Egypt on the other. Similarly, there have been some US governments that have showered unprecedented foreign aids towards Israel with magnanimous support, some who have taken a median route with visible support and limited aid, and finally a handful of leaders who have not approved so much about a positive US-Israel Relationship.

Reasons for Support

Well, the first and foremost reason for the US Support of Israel is that there is widespread public sympathy for Jews amongst in the US. This staunch public sympathy eventually translated into governmental support. But the main reason that has been pointed out by experts over the years is that the US wants a strong ally state in the Middle East which can counter the Russian influence in the zone.