The Terrible Plight of Syrian Refugees

Double Standards of the First World

The fact that Syrian Civil War has turned it from a once-prosperous nation to a slaughter-house, is apathetic and has been condemned unanimously across all international forums. Yet, so many First World and Second World Countries have absolutely refused to assist or provide refuge to the Syrian refugees. Be it the German apathy, the US ban or the absolute refusal of the Saudi Arabian government to assist these people in despair, one can only come to the staunch realization of the double standards of humanity. 11 million is the staggering number of refugees whose exodus the ongoing Syrian conflict has triggered, and most of these refugees were qualified professionals and well-to-do families who were residing peacefully in their homeland, till terrible fate came knocking in.

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Aid pours in after the sight of Alan Kurdish

Despite innumerable cries resonating in various parts of the world during the beginning of the Syrian Refugee Crisis, not much help poured in. The moment of realization happened and turning point happened when the photographs of Alan Kurdish’s lifeless body was found washed ashore the Mediterranean Sea Coast of the Greek Island of Kos. There was massive international outrage over the plight of refugees, and how brutally humanity has shattered the hopes, dreams and future of millions of innocent families and their children.

What went wrong?

Upon investigations, it was found that the boat in which 3-year old Alan and his family were travelling, was overstuffed by the owner. That was just one violation of a basic rule to be followed on sea. The second gross violation was that the boat in charge was taking it ahead way too fast, and in absolute neglect considering that it was already extra packed. The third and final death knell was the fact that the life jackets that they were wearing actually turned out to be fake or sub-standard ones. Well, it is very easy to pin point fingers at the boat owner and likewise people in such incidents. But we have to take collective responsibility for allowing the refugee crisis to be triggered to such a massive extent. We have to come together and put an end to mindless violence and territorial disputes which uproots people from their own homes.