The Tragic Ruination of Aleppo

Unending turmoil on the battleground

When two warring factions whose violence knows no bounds, transform a historic city into a bloody battleground, it is most certainly the death of humanity. In times to come, historians will ascribe Aleppo amongst the worst genocides that humanity has ever witnessed, and one where innocent civilians including women and children have faced the worst that life can offer. When the Syrian Refugee Crisis began to smolder about two years ago, nobody paid much attention. Probably because everything was happening at a slow pace, and international media had other spicier matters to cover and report on. But when the visuals of a dead three-year old Kurdish Syrian Refugee Boy Alan Kurdi was found washed ashore in the Mediterranean Sea, the world realized the apathy of turning our backs to such a major humanitarian crisis. And it only gets worse as we speak.

From World Heritage Site to Mass Graveyard…

During more peaceful times when the rebel forces had not taken a stand against the Bashar Al-Assad Government, Aleppo was the nerve center of Syrian trade and commerce, with a vast number of traders as well as tourists visiting the city every year . Also, owing to the presence of the famous medieval mosque and citadel with unique Syrian architecture with no other similar feat in the world, the old city of Aleppo was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Towards the end of 2012, this city became the very battleground of the bitter civil war, with the eastern part of it conquered by the rebels and the western part by the pro-government supporters, both in constant war with one another. As a result, life in the city has completely been disrupted and innocent residents have been forced to flee with as many belongings that they can manage. If we shut our eyes to this massacre today and not raise our voices against it, there will be many more of such glorious cities reduced to bomb shrapnel, gunpowder and blood in front of our very eyes.